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Let’s Have Fun - Bouncy Castle Hire Portsmouth
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Children's Party Ideas and Products

Do you need party products?

Are you holding a party? Are you looking for gift ideas, party bags or accessories?

Then you might want to take a look at our list of both local and national suppliers that can provide you with those extra items. >>

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What about the weather?

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Use the link to find out what the weather is likely to be at the time of your event. Please remember to update your location.


Manic Bounce - Bouncy Castle With Slide

If you are looking for Bouncy Castle with a slide, in the Portsmouth and surrounding area, please take a look at the details below.

For more details or to book a Bouncy Castle, click on the link or contact us to make a booking.

Children's Party Venues

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Ideal For -
This Bouncy Castle and Slide is ideal for birthday parties, fetes, events or fundraising events.

Age Group -
This Bouncy Castle is suitable for children below the age of twelve.

Cover Details -
This Bouncy Castle comes with a mesh roof, providing some shade from those sunny days we get every so often during the summer!

Bouncy Castle & Slide
Price: From £65

Guarantee -

We will watch the weather with you. If you have to cancel due to bad weather, you pay nothing.  

Half Day Rental -

This bouncy castle & slide is available to hire for half a day at:-

Book Now

Full Day Rental -

This bouncy castle & slide is available to hire for the whole day at:-

Book Now Weather


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We Want To Help Local Charities
Here at Manic Bounce, we like to do all we can for local charities. Since setting up Manic Bounce, we have met some amazing people that have set up small charities for local and worthy causes.

Unfortunately, as individuals, we are all limited to how much we can do to help and even though I’m sure we would like to offer more to these amazing people and their causes, money and time is often tight.

This is why we have decided to donate to one of the local charities that Manic Bounce supports, each time you book with us. What’s more, you get to choose the charity of your choice.

How it works.
It’s quite simple really. With each castle that is booked, a £5 or £10 donation will be made to one of our nominated charities.

You tell us what charity you would like us to donate to and we will pass it on. All of the charities that we have chosen are children’s charities and there will be a maximum of five nominations per year.

For a list of the local charities and their worthy causes, please see our charity page.

Thank you for your support.




Are You Looking For An Indoor Venue?
Do you want to hire this castle for an indoor event?

For insurance reasons, some indoor venues do not allow Bouncy Castles and therefore you can often find it difficult to locate the ideal location for your event.

To save you time, we have tracked down venues that will allow bouncy castles on their premises so   

Like our page More Details Charity page Venues Page I Want to Hire This Castle

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